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Bullet Run is a free-to-play multiplayer FPS developed by Acony Games and published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) in 2012. On Bullet Run I went through all stages of game development and worked as Level Designer on 9 levels (2010 - 2013).

As a Level Designer I was responsible for:

- Designing 2d layout, according to guidelines provided by Game Design department.
- Creating and intense testing BSP iterations of levels.
- Implementing gameplay functionality.
- Modeling placeholder meshes (props and level geometry).
- Props modeling and texturing.
- Decorating game environment with assets provided by Art department.
- Creating and setting up collision for the game environment.
- Lighting and post process adjustments.
- Performance optimizations.
- Polishing and bugfixing.

In the following videos I show you the level creation process for four levels I worked on (Island, Oil Rig, Shanty and Studio). Each level was built by Level Designer (myself) and Environment Artist within a three-month period.

The main gameplay focus for Island level was Search & Destroy and Dominion game modes. The layout is designed around central bar building and two objective zones (underground aquarium and bungalow village). In Team Deathmatch, the gameplay shifts to the central part of the level, which can provide a variety of paths for the constant player movement.

The primary goal for Oil Rig level was the creation of industrial environment, with action packed, vertical gameplay intended for usage of middle and close range weapons. Also the player can use multiple shortcuts to flank and suprise an enemy.

The concept behind Shanty level is the mix of two spaces with different gameplay styles. Narrow streets of Shanty town are very good for close combat weapons. At the same time most of rooftops and highway - perfect place for those who use sniper rifles.

Studio level is taking place at the filming studios in Los Angeles area. Players can explore hangars full of retro sci-fi movie themed sets, featuring flying saucers, giant tentacles and miniature city. From gameplay perspective the goal was to create a very small action packed TDM-only level for small amount of players. It is a perfect arena for using close-range and mid-range weapons.

In the following video you can find the other levels (Cactus, Stronghold and Shipyard) I worked on as a Level Designer at Acony Games:

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